A Veteran of the Medical Cannabis Industry

George Scorsis is a veteran in the medical cannabis industry. He previously ran Liberty Health Sciences Inc. in Florida. This company has a proven track record and focuses on making people feel safe using cannabis. Its three dispensaries in Florida offer a free 24-hour delivery service and is well-equipped to handle the high-stakes demands of its clients. To learn more about George Scorsis, read the following articles.

George Scorsis Florida

After establishing the company, George Scorsis became a president and CEO of Red Bull Canada and the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences. He has worked with many nonprofits and initiatives, and has even volunteered at several of them. While spending most of his time in Florida, he still finds time to volunteer for causes that matter. He currently splits his attention between his businesses and his community. This is a testament to his commitment to the community.

While a veteran of the industry, George Scorsis is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He has held leadership positions in the alcohol and energy drink industries. He has also served as the president of Red Bull Canada. Although he is no longer working in Florida, he has maintained a keen interest in the Florida medical cannabis industry. In fact, he has even donated to the state’s medical marijuana laws to encourage a legal cannabis market in Florida.

The medical marijuana industry is in a state of renaissance in many ways. George Scorsis has a history of innovation, having founded Liberty Health Sciences and opened three Florida dispensaries in the last couple of years. He’s actively involved in various initiatives and has generously given support to many organizations. While he is no longer working in Florida, he is still very active in the state and continues to donate to various nonprofits.

The executive’s experience in the cannabis industry has helped him to become an integral part of the local Florida cannabis community. He has been an employee of WeedMD for years and recently purchased Starseed, an Ontario-based company. In addition to serving patients in Florida, George Scorsis has been an active member in the cannabis industry for over 10 years, and will now help patients with their medical issues. He is an integral part of Florida’s medical marijuana industry.

As the executive chairman of WeedMD, George Scorsis has a wide-ranging experience in the medical cannabis industry. As a former CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, he has worked on many initiatives and contributed his expertise in the field. As president of WeedMD, he has a unique understanding of the industry and its complexities. As a physician, he has a unique perspective and has helped to make the industry work more efficiently for patients.

With over 15 years of experience in the business world, George Scorsis Florida is an active member of the Florida cannabis community. As the executive chairman of the Canadian Red Bull company, he is a leader in the cannabis industry, and is also a major contributor to many local nonprofits. He is also an active member of the community in Florida. He is a highly influential figure in the cannabis industry. He has worked hard to ensure that his companies are profitable.

In addition to his role as president and CEO of Red Bull Canada, George Scorsis is a well-known member of the Canadian business community. He has volunteered his services in the area, including supporting local businesses and initiatives. Besides being involved in the business world, he is also a philanthropist. In the past, he has volunteered his services to organizations in the region.

The executive is a prominent figure in the cannabis industry. He has a long history of involvement in the medical and e-commerce sectors. He has served as president of Red Bull Canada for the past five years, and has been a dedicated volunteer for many organizations. He lives in Florida and has a family of four children. While he is not active in the industry, he is still active in charitable endeavors and continues to support Florida’s medical cannabis industry.

As a business leader, George Scorsis Florida brings extensive experience to the medical marijuana industry. He is the former CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. and has been a director of several medical cannabis companies. His interests are in the well-being of his clients, and he has an interest in ensuring that the industry is safer. He also oversees the operations of Starseed’s production facility in Canada.